My Work

A sample of past projects, templates, and freebies.

ELH Challenge #4: Flat Design Interactions

The fourth Articulate E-Learning Heroes Challenge consists of designing a flat design template, including at least three different content slides. Flat design is one of my favorite techniques since it requires tactful use of color and contrast, and is something I use whenever I can only use minimal edits outside of the primary authoring tool. It is a great test to see how far you can stretch Storyline's built-in features!

Screenshot of first window with two choices

The Gatekeeper

This Articulate E-Learning Heroes Challenge is to design a two-slide interaction that includes a content screen and a gate screen. The key is to show the gate screen interacts with the rest of the course. Using a gate screen is one of my favorite ways to have the learner stop and think about what it is they are doing or choosing .

Screenshot of main screen

Situational Leadership II Model: 5 Tab Interaction

This Articulate E-Learning Heroes Challenge is to design a 5-tab interaction, with the tabs remaining persistent over slides or layers. Using tabs is a good way to cover a large amount of related content without splitting it into multiple slides – making content more manageable for learners by chunking of the information into smaller pieces.

Safe Lifting

This is the third and final module that I was responsible for developing on the OSHA compliance project. In it, I used an animated infographic style to illustrate the concepts of safe lifting in the workplace.

Responding to Incidents

Here is the second of the three sections that I was responsible for developing. This was the first time that interactive...

Emergency Management System

This sample is from another hour-long OSHA mandated compliance program, but it was the first time after three years, that I worked in Adobe Captivate.

The Butchers Block: Showing Comparisons

This is my entry for the first Articulate eLearning Heroes Community Challenges. The idea for this entry stemmed from a various projects that I've worked on for a Supermarket Meat Department.

Clinical Compliance

What really makes this particular sample special is the fact we had only two weeks to design and develop a full-hour of content for entire course.