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Productivity Boosting Tools for eLearning Pros

Being an eLearning Developer means being very busy—all of the time—and requires maintaining a high level of productivity. From developing prototypes, to sifting through mountains of feedback from the latest review cycle, there's always something to do. For those of us that work from home, it can be even more challenging balancing work with the rest of life. It sometimes feels impossible! With a seemingly never-ending to-do-list, it's important that we work as quickly and efficiently as possible, in order to get everything done on time and on budget. Here are two tools that I use to help keep me on track and able to balance everything.

Lessons Learned, Big Changes, & New Opportunities

Seven months—wow! I can hardly believe it has been that long since I’ve last done anything on this website, or in the Articulate Community!...

Mind the Gap Analysis

The “Cadillac Conundrum” Lately, I’ve struggled with a saying that I’ve heard when it comes to developing training, without first conducting...

Purposeful Gaming in eLearning

There’s a growing trend that has me both excited and alarmed – the rising popularity of Gamification in eLearning. It’s...